Hitting the Road!

I haven’t posted here in quite some time. I just started working on genealogy research again. It’s time consuming. I do have another genealogy related post in the works, so stay tuned! For the past few years I’ve been living in Indiana, where my son, daughter-in-law, and my three grandchildren are. Life is good! Just a […]

Deep Roots (Part 6) – Home, Sweet Home

Homes that have been in a family for generations are precious things, in my opinion. They should be cherished and preserved for future generations whenever possible. Too often these days, most families can’t afford to keep these grand old homes; they sell and move on. And sometimes these homes are abandoned and not properly maintained […]

Deep Roots – Old Homestead & Cemetery (Part 5 in a series)

On July 2nd of this year I set out for Virginia for the funeral of my second cousin (blog post about her here).  Although it was a sad occasion, it did afford me the opportunity to visit my Virginia family and some ancestral sites again.  I get an amazing feeling of peace and belonging when I’m […]

Picked & Pickled

I’ve been busy lately. With the vegetable garden producing a fair amount of cucumbers, one must find something to do with them. We’ve had our fill of cucumber salad for a few weeks, I think.  I could either start sending them to work with my husband to give to his co-workers, or start preserving them. […]