Gone too soon

This past Sunday I lost a family member and a friend. My second cousin passed suddenly and unexpectedly. She and I emailed each other often, and I had just spent that morning going through family photographs and emailed her a batch of them shortly before noon.  Shortly after three o’clock that afternoon I received word […]

Deep Roots – Stepping Back in Time (Part 4 in a Series)

With my husband and son, as well as camera, camcorder, cassette recorder, and laptop loaded in the van, off we went to meet, for the first time, my Dad’s Uncle James in Virginia in August, 1996. The drive would take fully a day and a half. I was both nervous and excited, having never done […]

Growing Season! Checking in on the Growing Project

After catching the bug to grow things this spring, two weeks ago I decided start a little science experiment and try growing celery, garlic, and green onions from kitchen scraps. And I also bought some seed for zinnia, sunflower, cucumber, green beans, and tomato and planted them in a seed starter. What a difference a few […]

Growing Season!

There’s just something about springtime, the smell of fresh dirt, getting your hands dirty, and growing things. Growing vegetables takes time and some effort, but it is a very rewarding endeavor. I used to have a very large vegetable garden. I grew cucumbers, green beans, peas, several types of squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, lettuce (iceberg and […]