Deep Roots (Part 2 in a Series)

Before I continue on with my family ancestry in Virginia (refer to Deep Roots), I want to share a little about my parents. My father was born in July, 1926, in Bradbury Heights, Maryland.  His parents divorced and Dad grew up knowing little of his father. By the time he was 18 years old, both his […]

Lowering Taxes For the Wealthy in the Nation’s Third Poorest State – Seriously?!

I try to keep up with what’s going on in the Arkansas State Legislature. Quite frankly, it’s mind boggling and not at all easy to follow for a new comer to the Arkansas system. Currently there are several pieces of legislation winding their way through the Arkansas legislature on taxation that I find disturbing. One […]

From Everblog – Fix It: Five Ways to Beat Poverty in America (Now)

Originally posted on Everblog:
What America has always done best is Get Stuff Done.  Show us a problem, we’ll solve it.  Tell us something can’t be done, we’ll do it.  Threaten us, we’ll throw everything we’ve got at kickin’ your ass. You know what threatens us today?  Poverty.  As I hope I’ve demonstrated the past…

Still Headed Down the Wrong Path

I can’t stop thinking about how the Republican Party continues to decry their loss in the 2012 presidential election. On Monday, March 18th, Chairman Reince Preibus released the 97-page report which is being called the Republican Party autopsy. An autopsy is normally performed after death. Basically the report says the GOP needs to be more […]