Lowering Taxes For the Wealthy in the Nation’s Third Poorest State – Seriously?!

I try to keep up with what’s going on in the Arkansas State Legislature. Quite frankly, it’s mind boggling and not at all easy to follow for a new comer to the Arkansas system. Currently there are several pieces of legislation winding their way through the Arkansas legislature on taxation that I find disturbing. One […]

From Everblog – Fix It: Five Ways to Beat Poverty in America (Now)

Originally posted on Everblog:
What America has always done best is Get Stuff Done.  Show us a problem, we’ll solve it.  Tell us something can’t be done, we’ll do it.  Threaten us, we’ll throw everything we’ve got at kickin’ your ass. You know what threatens us today?  Poverty.  As I hope I’ve demonstrated the past…